Are You Getting the Most from your Linked activity?

There are so many things to do on LinkedIn. Does LinkedIn leave you feeling scattered? Unproductive? How do you prioritize? What makes a difference? Do you find yourself scrolling aimlessly?

The ability to FOCUS your activities can make a huge difference! Implement the tips below so that you can start getting traction from your LinkedIn activities.

Here are some tips that can help-

SCHEDULE time to be on LinkedIn - Create Routines that Fit Your Needs. When too many things are left undone, it can make you feel scattered, disconnected, and less productive. Creating routines creates consistency and sets a rhythm for you that will bring results when you stick with it.
Choose a Specific ACTIVITY for each scheduled time. Set a timer for the amount of time you have allotted to be on the platform. Eliminate ALL distractions for that time frame. Limit your activity to one specific activity listed below (This is part of The Barker 20 Method)

Here are some suggested ACTIVITIES to focus on:

Check your notifications tab and comment or message accordingly
Reply to any DMs (direct messages) and comments on your posts
Search using keywords instead of randomly scrolling; then comment on posts likely to appeal to your target audience

Feeling scattered and overwhelmed can zap your productivity. Use these tips for a great feeling of accomplishment as you begin to see more and more engagement.