I have been putting off creating my video for my LinkedIn Profile. I encourage others to create theirs but, believe it or not, I am sort of camera shy. I also wasn't exactly sure how to create it especially since I primarily use my computer for all things business, including LinkedIn.

This is what it looks like when you have created it.

The Profile Video feature can only be created from your phone. I finally created mine and am sharing what I learned. You can see mine by going to my profile and clicking on my headshot from my full profile page.

Follow these steps to Add your Profile Video:

1. Plan your Message and then open your LinkedIn App on your phone
2. Navigate to your Profile and click on your headshot where you will see an option to “Add Profile Video”
3. Tap the Record button which has 3 options: Record, Upload, & Prompt

Record: Tap the record button to record a profile video

Upload: Tap the Gallery icon to upload an existing video from your gallery

Add Prompts: Tap Prompts to choose a prompt to answer in your video

After recording or uploading your video, you can review it and do it over if desired. Nothing is written in stone so you can always make changes.

Important note regarding the “Preview” - this feature shows the 1st 3 seconds of your video for users who have not disabled the Automatically Play Video setting. The preview does not include audio.

I chose to upload a pre-recorded video so that I could add my logo and captions. This seemed to impact the way the Preview showed up. If you choose to upload your video, you may find that you will have to play around with adjusting the preview shown on your profile. You can see my final version here:

Great way to share your hard work is to post about the video you have added! Be sure to tag me! Can't wait to see YOUR Profile Video!