Who doesn't love algorhythms? Ok, we may not "love" them but we do need to understand their importance in our digital presence. When it comes to ENDORSEMENTS on LinkedIn, the mighty math matters, a lot. Why, you ask...

When you have at least 99 Endorsements for a skill, it Increases Your Search Visibility with Your Target Audience
Using ALL of the skills that are relevant to your mission/business also increases your exposure in searches
Listing at least 5 skills on LinkedIn means you are more likely to receive 17x more profile views!


This is your chance to inform recruiters and your connections WHY they should hire you or ENDORSE you. Go to your Skills Section on your profile.

The first option is the “Demonstrate Skills” button. This gives you the opportunity to show recruiters why you would be great for the job!

Not looking for a job? Then OPTION 2 is for YOU! I am super-excited about this one! Follow these steps to give your connections a reason(s) to endorse you. 

Select the "edit" pencil in the Skills Section. Then, click the edit pencil by the skill you want to enhance. Like magic, you will see a box open up that allows you to select anything from your Profile that supports your skillsets for that skill!

Check the box(es) from the drop-down menu to select any of the options that show folks why they should endorse you in that particular skill. This new feature is a GREAT way to boost your credibility overall AND to get more endorsements!

Best Ways to Use Your Endorsements Section

Move your Top 3 skills to the top of the list (use the edit button)
Endorse others (Law of Reciprocity)
If someone endorses you, return the favor and endorse them
Thank those who endorse you

Following these tips will earn you more endorsements which will ultimately help to increase your reach and visibility. As always, if you have any questions, drop them in the comments or send me a DM. I'm always happy to help!

As promised from last week...(drumroll please)...here is your advance copy of my new 2023 Profile Optimization Guide. Click the link to get your copy so that you can take action this week!