This newsletter is all about how to set your visibility options which determines who CAN see your posts, next week, I'll talk about who WILL see your posts based on your posting strategies. 

Did you know that you can select who will see your posts? While it’s not like choosing fine-tuned audience segments as in Facebook advertising, it is actually pretty decent. (And, unlike Facebook, LinkedIn audience selection is FREE!) 

If you prefer to get your information via video, click HERE. Otherwise, read on.

Or, you can keep it a little more exclusive and only show it to your first-degree connections. There are even options to limit it to group members or event attendees. 

You must make your choice BEFORE the post goes live. If you are scheduling your post, the choice made at the time you scheduled it is locked in unless, of course, you edit it prior to it going live. 

Once you've chosen your visibility option, it becomes your default setting for future posts. But hey, if you change your mind before hitting that "post" button, go for it! I generally leave my default at ”Anyone”. I tend to change it only if I am posting something to a particular group I’m involved in. 

Here’s a look at your choices that appear in the drop-down when you are starting a post:

Here’s the reach of those options from largest to smallest:

Anyone – visible to anyone on or off LinkedIn, including your extended network
Anyone + Twitter – visible to anyone on LinkedIn or Twitter.
Connections only – visible to only 1st-degree connections of the post author.
Group members – visible only to members of the group where the post was shared.

To get the largest possible reach, set your post's visibility to “ANYONE”. If you do decide to let ANYONE see your post, get ready, 'cause it could show up all over the place. 

Your first-degree connections might see it on their homepage, and if they like it, share it, or comment on it, their second- and third-degree connections might see it too. 

It could even pop up in content searches or hashtag results.

And get this - even people who aren't signed in to LinkedIn might stumble upon it out there in the internet wilderness. I’m probably getting carried away but I always say, dream big!

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