Just Who Sees Your LinkedIn Content Anyway?

Does it seem completely random and out of your control when it comes to who will see your content? The answer is that it is and it isn’t. While you can’t necessarily control who will see your content, you can have a significant impact by following the Top 10 Tips below.

Before we get to the tips, a few things to remember…

How can you find out how well your posts are doing and what can you do to improve your chances of getting seen?

Your LinkedIn Analytics - pay attention and track them

Impressions - The number of times your post was displayed on the screen to unique members
Engagements - Number of interactions on your post

LinkedIn Social Selling Index – A score above 70 helps your reach by 25%! Get your Social Selling Score HERE

Reach” is a common term used to describe the number of people your content shows up for. This can be as a result of it appearing in the feed, from appearing in search results, because of the strategic use of hashtags and more.
Reach is a bit of a loose term and precise definitions abound but don’t always agree. I will use it here to mean how many people your content can potentially reach as measured by LinkedIn Analytics.

Your reach is impacted by:
Frequency of posts - more is not better - for the best reach, post once a day. The reach of each subsequent post in a given 18 hr period is decreased by as much as 30%!

Got something important to share? To maximize your “reach”, post it on Monday between 10-1pm in the time zone of your most loyal connections/audience. With proper engagement, it can be shown repeatedly for the following 3 days in the feed.

Best Practices to Improve Your Reach:

Optimize Your Profile
Post CONSISTENTLY - at least once a week.
Schedule your posts to publish when your audience is likely to be on the platform
Foster engagement with questions
Reply promptly to comments
Use hashtags
Tag people when you are CERTAIN they will comment (no tagging just for tagging's sake)
Use a picture (but not stock photos, please)
Post original content - no Youtube or Vimeo links or other 3rd party links
Switch up your post format - long form, short form, text only, text w/ picture/video

1. Visiting a profile of a connection will bring the first post they publish after your visit to your feed - This is a GREAT reason to pay attention to your profile views and send them a DM or connection request right away. 

2. All new connections will see all new posts for the 1st 2 weeks.