Let’s have a look at your headline. It’s that bit in the intro section of your profile just below your name.

Why is your LinkedIn headline so important?

Your headline is the first thing people see when they come across your profile on LinkedIn. It appears right under your name and photo, and it's your first chance to make a good impression.

A strong headline can help you:

Stand out from the competition
Convey your unique value proposition (UVP)
Grab the attention of your target audience
Build trust and credibility
Increase the chances of people clicking through to your profile

Not only does your headline appear in your Profile, it also follows you around on LinkedIn. Folks will see it when you post and comment. What does that mean when it comes to writing your headline? Pay special attention to the first 10 words or so of your headline. They should set you apart, pique interest and encourage people to take a closer look at you by visiting your profile or even reaching out to you directly. 

Take a close look at your existing headline. It may be time for a change. Ask yourself these questions when you read your headline:

How does it make me stand out from the crowd?
Am I using attention-grabbing words in the first 10-12 words
What is the ONE focus or message I am trying to get across?
Am I trying to be too many things to too many people?
Am I using words that evoke emotions? (use this site to help you with this)
Do I clearly state how I solve problems for my ideal client?
Am I relying on buzzwords or cliches?
What kind of tone does my headline have? Serious? Funny?
Does the tone match the tone of my brand?
Is it the tone I want to convey?
Do I have a CTA (call to action)? (Pro Tip: CTA should not be "schedule a call" etc)
How can I incorporate my personality into my headline?
Is my headline clear and concise?

Read your headline as if you are your ideal client who has absolutely no idea what you do and may not even be aware that they have a need for your services, or, even that services such as yours exist.

Pro Tip: Check your headline's emotional impact using this FREE HEADLINE ANALYZER by American Marketing Institute. You will see how to improve by making just a few adjustments. Aim for a score above 50.

Check out your competition, your mentors, and the thought leaders in your industry. How do they position themselves? What is their UVP? 

Here are some good headline examples:

Alexandra Van Horn, MSC (She/Her)

A Different Kind of Life Coach 🔸 Providing A Proven, Reliable, Repeatable System 🔸 Are You Ready to Uplevel Your Results in as Little as 30 Days 🔸 Clarity-Confidence-Empowerment 🔸 1:1 & Group Coaching 🔸 Start Today!

Roman Pikalenko 🇺🇦🦩

Building thriving communities for Climate Tech CEOs & Founders to generate opportunities | Your Flamingo Ghostwriter 🦩


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I like to think mine isn’t too bad either. However, I switch it up every few months to split test and see what’s working and what’s not. Currently, it says: 

➡️ Your LinkedIn GPS | Results in 20 Minutes a Day ➡️ Training for Small Business Owners, Solopreneurs & Sales Pros ➡️ Are You Ready to Consistently Book 1:1 Meetings ➡️ Start Converting Today!