Imagine your LinkedIn Connections Network is filled with your ideal clients and referral partners. Wouldn't that make it so much easier to build relationships?

Does your list of connections consist of mostly people who fit your current ideal client profile? If you have been on LinkedIn for more than a minute, I would guess the answer is no. If it does, keep doing what you are doing. 😊 

On the other hand, if you want to implement strategies that consistently produce connections who have an interest in your services, keep reading. 

A few preliminary words...

1. Be very clear on whom you serve. A well-developed ideal client profile will result in much better connections. It will also help to weed out those who are not interested in your services.
2. Your Profile needs to be optimized and robust. Use that well-developed ICP to create a profile that attracts "your people". People often check out your profile before deciding whether to accept your connection request.

LinkedIn gives us a variety of ways to connect with other users. The trick is finding other users who can help further your business goals.

I think most of those categories are self-explanatory. However, you may be asking "what on earth is Connection Mining?" It's simple, really. Go to your current connections and find one who fits your ICP criteria. Go to their profile. Pull up their list of connections. Then, search that list for your ideal client. Why? People tend to be connected to others who are like themselves. Voila! A solid list of people to potentially connect with who meet your ICP. 

Once you have found them, what does it take for them to accept your connection request?

Above all else, use the "add a note" option for EVERY connection request you make. People need a reason to connect so give them one.

Some ideas for appropriate and effective reasons in your note:

Mention a post they made and say why it resonated with you.
Show that you have actually looked at their profile and find common ground.
Maybe someone suggested them for you to connect with. Be sure to say so.
Were you at an event together? Mention what you liked about it and it might be fun to compare notes, etc.
Always ask for the connection - e.g. If you are open to it, let's connect here on LinkedIn

Pro Tip: Warm up your chances of acceptance by leaving a thoughtful comment on a few of their posts before asking to connect. 

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