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If you have been following me for a bit, you know than an optimized profile is where everything begins. Before diving into the search methods, let’s start with some assumptions:

1. You know exactly who YOUR ideal client is
2. You have chosen a “lane” for your LinkedIn presence
3. Your LinkedIn Profile is Optimized - i.e. complete, robust, and directed at your Ideal Client

If you have questions about those, please shoot me a message or comment below. I'm happy to help!

Now, you are ready to start engaging with your ideal clients. But where exactly are they, anyway?

There are many ways to zero in on your ideal clients using the free version of LinkedIn.

There are many ways to zero in on your ideal clients using the free version of LinkedIn. There are even more ways with the paid versions. My advice is not to upgrade until you have maxed out all of the free features. For example, if you want to upgrade so that you can see every person who has viewed your profile, ask yourself if you are reaching out to the ones you can see using the free version. If not, you might want to get into the habit of reaching out to those profile viewers before paying to see more.

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Methods for searching for your tribe using the free LinkedIn account:

1. Searching with Hashtags

Using hashtags and keywords in the LinkedIn search bar can bring up a gold mine of your ideal clients. I used #interiordesign to show you how this works.

In the picture, you can see where I searched using #interiordesign and the results I got. I selected “ more posts” from Step 1 and found a host of posts by people in the interior design world. Then, using the “Groups” filter in the icons by the blue arrow, I found groups where my ideal clients are likely to hang out. 

In Step 3, I say “and beyond” because you can select any of the filters to refine your search and even use “all filters” for more options!

2. Search Keywords Using Filters and Advanced Filters

Just like with hashtags, you can search for keywords. Follow the same process described above. A keyword search on “interior design” will yield different results than a search for the same in hashtag form. 

Whenever you put a keyword or words in the search bar, the filter icons will appear just below the search query. 

Still want more options? Just click “All Filters”

3. Search Using the “Boolean” method

While the 1st two methods are great search tools, the real POWERHOUSE for searching is using the “Boolean” method. This allows you to string together words with “connectors”. The 3 most common connectors are “AND”, “OR, and “NOT”. When using Boolean on LinkedIn, you MUST capitalize the CONNECTOR term. 

For a closer look at the power of Boolean, click on MIT Library Guide on Boolean Searches

4. Additional Ways to Find Your Ideal Clients

1. Join Groups where they hang out and become an active group m
2. Follow-up with people who visited your Profile
3. Reach out to people who are following you but not 1st level connections

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