I love Creator Mode. I think you will too after you see its features and benefits.

I'm so confident you will want to use Creator Mode, I'm showing you how to activate it before going into all of the great reasons to use it! If you are ready to start using Creator Mode, let me know in the comments.

Go to your Profile, scroll down to "Resources" and click on the words "Creator Mode". This will open the "Resources" window where you can toggle the gray "off" button to the green "on" button. Voila! You are in c

Now for the cool stuff!

With creator mode on, you gain access to these 5 features through the "Creator Hub":

1. Profile Topics - a list of up to 5 #s to share on topics you talk about
2. LinkedIn Live Events
3. Audio Events
4. Newsletters
5. Follow Link (aka "button)

If you want to know more about any of these featured, you can click on the “>” symbol by the word “Available” as shown.

If these 5 weren't enough already, there are 2 more benefits not listed in Creator Hub.

First, Creator Mode provides enhanced analytics. (See my previous newsletter on this topic - Metrics Matter

Another benefit that isn’t listed in Creator Hub is the ability to put a LIVE HYPERLINK in your intro section.

To do so, click the edit pencil in your intro section. Scroll down to the end of the pop-up box until you see “Website”. Copy and paste the URL into the box. Then, scroll down some more as another box will appear allowing you to type in the text you want to display in place of the actual link.

Now, let’s look at each feature in a bit more detail.

Profile Topics - Be intentional. Research the #s you want to use. Be sure you have created your own # and include it. You can see on mine that I have included the one I created - #LinkedInGPS

LinkedIn Live Events - You can have these hosted directly on LinkedIn or you can use an alternate platform such as Zoom using LinkedIn’s custom streaming tool, RTMP. If you host on LinkedIn, you must have a 3rd party streaming service. LinkedIn’s Preferred Partners are Restream, Socialive, StreamYard, Switcher Studio, and Vimeo.

Audio Events - a relatively new feature to Creator Mode, audio events are real-time, audio-only conversations. LinkedIn compared them to being similar to podcasts but with listeners having the ability to participate.

Newsletters - one of my personal favorites! When you publish a newsletter, LinkedIn helps you get subscribers but notifying your connections and followers. Once someone subscribes, they wil get email notifications each time you publish a new edition. It is probably reasonable to assume that subscribers are interested in what you have to say. If you have subscribers who fit your ideal client profile, you may want to reach out to them.

Follow Link - With Creator Mode turned on, visitors to your profile will no longer see a “Connect” button. Instead, they will see a “Follow” button. Data suggests that people are more willing to follow than to connect right away. They can still connect by clicking the “...” or “more” button and clicking “connect” from there. This seems to be the best of both worlds.

If you are ready to flip the switch to Creator Mode, it’s super simple! Just turn it on from your Profile and start using all of these great features!

START TRACKING I recommend making note of some of your key metrics before you turn on Creator Mode and tracking them in the weeks and months to come. I recommend including the number of followers and connections, your Social Selling Index, and your impression/engagement rates.