Do you have a commenting strategy? No? Try this one and watch your business grow!

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Commenting with intent is time well-spent. Done properly, regularly commenting on relevant posts can have a big impact on your business. The overarching purpose of LinkedIn governs: Focus on Relationship-building. 

Good relationships lead to good business. Commenting is a great way to build and solidify relationships.

Here are 7 reasons to be strategic with your comments:

1. Authentic comments lead to authentic relationships
2. High-value comments add to your “know, like, and trust” factor
3. Has the effect of targeted searching
4. Expands your network strategically
5. Increases visibility
6. Opportunities for collaboration, partnerships, and, yes, even sales
7. Commenting can “warm up” an otherwise cold lead.

Comments matter. It’s just that simple. Not all comments are created the same nor do they all have the same impact. Just as in life, comments can draw people to you or repel them. More often, though, they are just empty words such as “great post” or “love this”.

I challenge you to make your words count by adding substance to the discussion.

Below are my recommendations for a solid commenting strategy that will allow you to reap the many rewards of genuine community engagement.

Finding relevant and meaningful posts is similar to a targeted search for your ideal client. One nice perk is that commenting isn’t searching so you won’t run up against any limits. LinkedIn allows you to comment to your heart’s desire - No limits!

How to Find Great Posts for YOUR Comments:

1. Check Your Notifications Tab
2. Follow people who post content that interests you and your clients
3. Use hashtag searches to see posts about topics relevant to your business/clientele

How to Comment on a LinkedIn Post:

1. Choose a Post to Comment on (comment on THIS post to get started)
2. Tag the author or person you are replying to
3. Show them you read the post and other comments
4.Craft a thoughtful comment that is responsive to the post
5. Add insight to show off your own expertise (this doesn’t mean mentioning your services!)

What TO say in a comment and what NOT to say:

1. DO add value
2. DON'T say something simple like “That’s great!” without more
3. DO edify others
4. DON’T sell, pitch, or otherwise mention your services

Comment Fi

How to get the maximum impact from your comments for both you and the author:

1. Comment BEFORE you react - the algo values comments more than reactions
2. Comment should be at least 10 words but no fewer than 5 for maximum impact.
3. Make sure your Profile headline is intriguing and helps you stand out because it shows up along with your headshot every time your comment
4. Make sure your Profile is optimized because good comments will generate new profile views

How to Leverage Your Comments

1. Visit the profile page of the author
2. Visit the profile page of folks who commented or reacted to the post
3. Follow them
4. Invite them to connect based on commonalities
5. Reach out to new followers

Use this guide to commenting to up-level your presence on LinkedIn. Schedule time in your day to make at least 10 comments every day.

If you are consistently commenting, you will see your numbers improve. Of course, you have to note your numbers before you implement your new strategy. Check your Social Selling Index and your analytics.