You're aware of your existing LinkedIn habits. Are they effectively generating new business consistently? Or do you find yourself trapped in the ever-updating feed, scrolling haphazardly and hitting the “like” button on appealing content?

It is time to stop aimlessly scrolling through your feed; instead, consciously define your goal for each LinkedIn session. 

Are your LinkedIn practices paving the way to your desired success? Unintentional habits can govern you; invert this dynamic and take the reins of your habits to drive your success! 

I’ve got 5 goal-oriented strategies to help you create an effective daily routine (aka habit) for your LinkedIn activity that will meet your goals. 

Before diving into the goals, there are 2 non-negotiables you need to do each day that you are on LinkedIn.

Check Your Notifications Tab and reply to comments on your posts
Check your DMs and reply

The Top 5 Goals for Being on LinkedIn

Strategies to Meet Your Goals

Now, let's strategize. A goal without a plan is merely wishful thinking. I've outlined five strategies to help you realize these goals. 

First, schedule your LinkedIn time on your calendar using the recurring feature to keep you consistent. You do not have to be on LinkedIn every day if that doesn’t work for you. The most important thing is consistency. 

Choose a different goal for each session. Identify these on your calendar so that you are rotating your strategies. Below are 3 sample strategies for each goal. You can customize them to match your workflow.

1️⃣ Gaining New Clients
- Optimize your Profile (previous newsletter)
- Search for and connect with your Ideal Clients (previous newsletter)
- Search for and engage with targeted content 

2️⃣ Increasing Brand Awareness
- Host regular LinkedIn Live events
- Create a LinkedIn newsletter
- Consistently post brand and industry-related content 

3️⃣ Establishing Thought Leadership
- Co-create content with industry leaders and influencers (webinars, LinkedIn audio events, Q/A events)
- Engage in industry discussions via Linkedin groups and relevant posts
- Create engaging visual content such as infographics and carousels to position yourself as the “go-to” expert 

4️⃣ Career Advancement
- Request Recommendations - Pro Tip: tell them the type of recommendation you are seeking from them
- Share industry trends that match your expertise
- Use LinkedIn’s “Demonstrate Skills” feature to highlight your experience for recruiters and companies that are hiring 

5️⃣ Expanding Your LinkedIn Network
- Personalize your connection requests with a meaningful note
- Mine your connections’ connections to find folks you want to invite into your network
- Research, join, and participate in relevant groups

Please note this list is far from exhaustive when it comes to strategies to get LinkedIn to give you the results you are wanting.