You have your strategy for your search. Now what? 

This article is a deep dive into LinkedIn Filters. Read to the end to join my Masterclass as my guest! (Normally $97). 

A note about search limits - If you are using the free version of LinkedIn, there are limits to how many searches you can conduct. LinkedIn won’t share the exact number of searches you can do before being shut down until the 1st of the next month. For this reason, I’ll just give you a rule of thumb: If it feels like you are browsing, it probably counts as a search. 

Anytime you get a new “list” of names, that’s a new search. I've thrown in a few hacks at the end of this article. Also, watch my content for even more great hacks in an upcoming carousel!

Let’s talk FILTERS!

LinkedIn has been consistently expanding the ways in which we can search using its built-in filters. 

To begin a search, simply go to the search bar and type in your query. You can use names, companies, hashtags, keywords/phrases, and even Boolean queries. 

You will get a list of results based on your query. Now it’s time to refine your search using the LinkedIn Filters. 

Below is a typical results page. Simply click on a button that interests you and you will have a new list of only that grouping.

To drill down even further, you can select “All Filters” to reveal a drop-down menu with even more options. The options vary based on the filter category you choose. In this example, I have selected “People”. 

The options in your people filter include:

designating connection levels
specific connections
followers of a creator
talks about topics
past companies
profile language
the "open to" designation
service catergories

As you can see, the LinkedIn free version gives you many different ways to refine your search results. 

What's the catch? Search limits on the free version. 

What to do if you are concerned about running up against the Commercial Use search limitations? You have a few options:

Google “x-ray” strategy (best w/ Boolean)
Save Your 1st-page search results in your browser’s bookmarks. Right-click a result to avoid it being counted as a search result.
Recruiter Geek - similar to Google x-ray but a bit more refined (free and paid versions - I use the free version) Click on the picture to go straight to the free tool

There are more hacks and I’ll put them in an upcoming carousel.

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