There are many ways to attract new followers on LinkedIn. This is the final installment of my four-part series, "Growing Your LinkedIn Following". In the first three installments, we went deep into the world of power searching to gain new followers and targeted connections.
If you missed the others, you can find Parts 1, 2, and 3 at the bottom of this page.

Now, let's shift our focus to how you can develop a great following using the power of engagement.

Embrace these 3 top strategies to attract new followers:

1. Posting with Purpose
2. Consistent Commenting
3. Leveraging LinkedIn Newsletters

📱 Posting with PURPOSE 📱

If LinkedIn is the stage, consider posting content as your performance. We all know that great content is influential. But why does content creation hold such sway over your follower growth on LinkedIn? Let's take a closer look at how content creation can attract more followers!

Content: A Conversation Starter

First and foremost, content is the catalyst for conversation. Every time you post an article, share an update, or express an opinion, you're essentially starting a dialogue. You're throwing a question, a thought, or a suggestion into the LinkedIn sphere and inviting others to engage. With each interaction, you're increasing your visibility.

Showcase of Expertise and Thought Leadership

Your content serves as a showcase of your knowledge and skills. It's like an ongoing portfolio where you demonstrate your understanding, your unique perspective, and your innovative ideas. When others see you as a thought leader in your field, they're more likely to follow you for insights and advice.

Consistently Sharing Quality Content Creates a Sense of Community

One of your long-term goals on LinkedIn is actually building a community. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to post according to a set schedule. When building your LinkedIn following, it's best to post at the same time every day. 

This builds a sense of trust in your reliability. Your followers will start to anticipate your insights, which creates a feeling of excitement and consistency. Posting content regularly keeps your current followers interested and encourages new folks to join your community of fans.

Providing Value and Building Trust

Creating valuable content is like offering a gift to your audience. It could be an insightful article, a solution to a common problem, or an inspiring story. By regularly providing value, people on LinkedIn are getting to know you. And on LinkedIn, showing up by consistently adding value translates into a larger, more engaged following.

Becoming a Go-To Resource

As you continue to post with purpose, you can become the go-to resource in your area of expertise. Your credibility factor is growing. When you consistently provide valuable and reliable information, you become seen as knowledgeable and trustworthy in your field. This trust and credibility are crucial for gaining new followers and have the added benefit of developing long-term relationships with your audience.

Influencing the LinkedIn Algorithm

There's also a technical side to this. LinkedIn's algorithm favors posts that spark interaction. So the more engaging your content, the more visibility LinkedIn gives it. More visibility can attract more engagement, and the cycle continues, ultimately leading to an increased follower count.

🎟️ Content Creation: Your Ticket to Growth? 🎟️

So there you have it. Content creation isn't just a box to check off in your LinkedIn activity. It’s a strategy that’s part of a powerful, multifaceted tool for growing your following. It's about dialogue, demonstrating expertise, building a community, delivering value, becoming a resource, and harnessing the power of LinkedIn's algorithm. Each piece of content is a step toward reaching more people.

Gaining New Followers with Consistent Commenting 🗨️

Content Creation not your thing? No problem - Commenting is the unsung hero of LinkedIn engagement.

Have you ever considered that commenting on LinkedIn could be your ticket to a growing following? It might sound surprising, but trust me, commenting is underrated as a strategy for attracting new followers. 

Randomly commenting on posts in your feed is not a strategy and isn’t likely to have much impact on your following. 

Commenting strategically, however, will increase your visibility. When you comment on a post, your profile picture, name, and headline appear with your comment. With an enticing headline, each comment makes it more likely that people will notice you, visit your profile, and click that “follow” button. 

Commenting can help establish you as an expert in your field. By sharing valuable insights and knowledge, you show others that you know what you're talking about, which can lead to more people wanting to follow, connect, and work with you. 

The key to a successful commenting strategy is leaving thoughtful comments on posts and articles relevant to your industry and services. 

Consider these 3 great places to leave thoughtful, value-add comments:

Industry Influencer Posts
Current Client Posts
LinkedIn Official Articles

LinkedIn Collaborative Articles are another great way to get new followers. Instead of a comment per se, you get to be a contributor to the article for even more exposure to a brand-new audience.

📢 LinkedIn Newsletters 📢

Creating your own LinkedIn Newsletter is yet another great way to grow your following and has the added benefit of identifying qualified prospects. Folks who subscribe to your newsletter are saying “I like what you talk about and I want to hear more”. 

Once your newsletter is published, you can see the list of subscribers and begin reaching out to them.

Who Sees Your LinkedIn Newsletter?

The visibility of your LinkedIn Newsletter largely depends on two primary groups:

1. Your Connections and Followers: These are the people who are directly connected to your LinkedIn profile or have chosen to follow your content. When you publish a newsletter, these individuals receive a notification alerting them to your new content.

2. Expanded Network: This group includes the connections of your direct network who see your newsletter because someone in their network engaged with it through a like, comment, or share. In essence, your reach expands organically through engagement.

It won’t take long before you are expanding beyond your 1st-degree connections. Your list of new followers is growing at the same time your list of qualified leads is growing - Don’t you just love multi-purpose activities?

That's a wrap to this series: Growing Your LinkedIn Following

Well, folks, if you are reading this, you made it. You are now prepared to begin leveling up your LinkedIn presence by growing your following. We started this series with the search - Part 1: Mastering the Art of Strategic Searching on LinkedIn, moving through Part 2: Basic Search Methods, and onto Part 3: Boolean Searching. 

Of course, what good is it if you have ‘mad search skills and don’t take the next step? That’s what today’s edition is all about. In Part 4, Engagement, we open the doors of communication between you and the rest of the LinkedIn world. You are ready to take action - to begin talking, engaging, and building a community. 

Two main takeaways from the series:

1. Strategic Searching: Think of it as your compass, guiding you to new connections, new opportunities, and new success. We learned that not all searches are created equal, and with the right tools, we can find exactly who we're looking for. 

2. Strategic Engagement: Then, we learned that it's not just about finding people—it's about engaging with them, too. We've explored posting, commenting, and even LinkedIn Newsletters as ways to catch the eye and start the conversation. Remember, LinkedIn isn't just a platform; it's a community.

But are these all there is to it? Just two steps and we're done? No, my friends, we're just getting started. 

So, Where Do We Go from Here? 

Remember, you aren't here just to learn how to use LinkedIn; you are here to learn how to use LinkedIn to grow your business. This is about the ongoing journey, the commitment to improvement, and the drive to keep reaching for more. As we move forward, let's remember these lessons:

1. Keep Searching: Continue to refine your search strategies.
2. Stay Engaged: LinkedIn isn't a one-and-done kind of platform.
3. Never Stop Learning: The world of LinkedIn is vast and ever-changing, and there's always something new to discover.

This four-part series is a jumping-off point—a launchpad for your LinkedIn journey. So take the leap and see where your LinkedIn growth can take you.

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