12 Ways to Boost Your LinkedIn IPA (Income Producing Activities)

If you follow me, you know I often say, “We don’t sell on LinkedIn, we build relationships”. This week, I’ve got 12 LinkedIn IPAs that can lead to sales

If you are thinking, oh no! 12 more things to do and it feels like too much or like you don’t have time to do “all the things” there are to do on LinkedIn. I would agree – you can’t do all the things.

You can, however, prioritize and become more efficient. It may take you some significant time when you start, so choose just one or two items to work into your daily LinkedIn routine.

As you become more proficient with one of the activities, add another to your routine.

You will find that you will reach a point when writing 20 comments a day is no big deal. This is when it really starts to become FUN!

Unlock the potential of LinkedIn with these 12 effective strategies to generate income, expand your network, and enhance your professional growth. Watch your metrics to determine your business’s most important Income Producing Activities (IPA). Keep reading my list of 12 suggestions to get started.

Now let’s dive into those IPAs to drive up your revenue!

1. Update Your Featured Section

You know I’m always saying it all starts with your Profile. Keep your Featured Section up to date to showcase your expertise. I recommend having at least 3 items listed. You can showcase your newsletter, promote your services (yes, I said it – you can promote here!), share your speaking engagements and so much more. Keep it fresh though because nothing looks worse than a Featured Section with year-old posts!

2. Write 20 Meaningful Comments

You can (and should) do this! Consistent and strategic commenting allows you to showcase your expertise, establish connections, and increase your visibility within your target audience. The best part – you don’t have to create the content! So get out there, be insightful, thoughtful, and generous with the comments!

Pro Tip: Comment BEFORE you hit the reaction button (aka “like”) on the post. It will help the author with their reach and ultimately with yours!

3. Send 5 New Personalized Connection Requests

When you send connection requests, it’s important to personalize each request with a note and explain why you’d like to connect. Don’t use any of the LinkedIn suggestions such as “I want to expand my network with professionals like you”. ICK is all I can say…Give them a reason to accept your request. Highlight any common interests or mutual benefits that can foster a genuine connection.

Not sure where to find your ideal clients and strategic partners? You can attend LinkedIn Lives, use keyword searches, and participate in groups, just to name a few. (You can also dig into my newsletter on Power Searching)

4. Send 10 Direct Messages to engage your connections in conversation

How many connections do you have? How many have you actually reached out to? By reaching out personally, you strengthen your connections and open doors for future opportunities. Always be curious about the people you are connected with. Ask questions that show your genuine interest. Add value by sharing articles, podcasts, etc that you think would interest them. And, of course, don’t try to sell your services. It’s not the place – unless they ask you about your services and then, I suggest, setting up that 1:1 zoom meeting.

5. Join and Engage in 3 Groups

Find three to five groups where your ideal clients and potential strategic partners hang out. Join them and become an active participant. Comment, ask thought-provoking questions, and share resources. By doing so, you add value to the conversation and get to showcase your expertise. A perk that comes with being in a group – you can direct message 2nd- and 3rd-degree connections! And, you already have something in common!

6. Follow and Connect with 2 Influencers

If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room. I love following influencers in all kinds of different industries. You might want to start by following influencers who are providing value either in your area of expertise or just one that interests you.

Staying up to date with their content and activities will help you grow professionally. Engage with their posts by leaving insightful comments or sharing their content with your network. This is a great way to get more visibility outside of your 1st-degree connections. Consistently engaging in this way also builds rapport with the influencer over time.

7. Endorse 5 of Your Connections (this one is super fast and super easy!)

I shouldn’t have to say this…but I’m going to. Be sincere in your endorsements and don’t endorse skills that you cannot genuinely vouch for. But, Laura, I hear some of you saying…I’ve endorsed the folks I know already. My response – get to know more people!

You could even message one of your connections and say something like,

“I realized I don’t really know what you do but I would love to be able to endorse you. Want to have a “virtual coffee” chat? Can’t wait to learn about your expertise.”

8. Recommend a Worthy Connection

You knew this was next, right? Craft a personalized recommendation that speaks directly to the individual’s strengths and the value they bring to their work. Avoid generic statements and instead focus on showcasing their unique attributes.

Writing a specific, thoughtful, and genuine recommendation, creates a win/win/win scenario. You will strengthen your professional relationship, and enhance their professional credibility and potential income opportunities because you have helped their potential clients understand the value they provide.

9. Earn a “Skill Badge” from LinkedIn Learning

If you have any skills (and I’m sure you do!) why not take one of the many skills tests available from LinkedIn? If you score in the top 30%, you will earn a “Skill Badge” from LinkedIn that will be automatically displayed on your Profile. You can see mine on my profile under Licenses and Certifications for Adobe Acrobat X Pro. Let people know about your skill sets!

10. Reach Out to Recent Profile Viewers

I recently taught a class on how to convert profile views into new connections. It’s time to capitalize on potential income opportunities by engaging with people who have shown interest in your LinkedIn profile. I think of them as window shoppers and as a “shop owner”, I want to say hello and invite them into the “store”, i.e. my connections. Show genuine interest in who they are and their work. Find ways to add value to the conversation. Reminder, this is definitely not the time to pitch.

11. Reach out to the folks who react to your content

Don’t you just love reactionaries!! Well, the ones on LinkedIn anyway. Remember to be thankful to those wonderful LinkedIn users who take the time to “react” to your content. The ones who click the “reaction” button and make a choice.

Since you can see who they are, why not visit their profile and send a note along with your connection request thanking them for taking the time to “like” your post. If they went the extra step and clicked the “insightful” reaction, you can even ask them if they wouldn’t mind sharing what they found insightful.

12. Start a LinkedIn Newsletter

Creating a LinkedIn newsletter is a way to consistently add value and stay top of mind with folks. Specifically, you are speaking to people who have actively decided to subscribe to your newsletter. In effect, they are saying, “I like what you share and I’d like to see more”. When people are subscribed to your newsletter, you get to see who they are. Why not reach out to them and thank them?

It is easy to get overwhelmed pretty quickly with lots of subscribers. First, I want to say THANK YOU for subscribing. I wasn’t expecting to grow so quickly so reaching out individually has been a bit of a slow process. If you haven’t heard from me yet, my apologies! That said, please feel free to send me a DM if there is anything I can help you with.

So there you have it – 12 ways to boost your IPA on LinkedIn. Try incorporating a few of these strategies into your LinkedIn routine. Watch your metrics. You can significantly grow your network, increase your visibility, and unlock new income opportunities. Consistency and meaningful interactions are key to maximizing your success on LinkedIn.

Start implementing these activities today and watch your income potential grow.

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