CGPT4’s Secret Weapons: Custom Instructions & Plug-Ins

A brief history of ChatGPT and its iterations:

The journey of ChatGPT is nothing short of revolutionary. It all began with the inception of the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) model by OpenAI. The initial versions, while groundbreaking, were primarily experimental, offering glimpses into the potential of AI-driven conversational models. As the iterations progressed, so did the capabilities. GPT-2, for instance, was a leap forward, boasting 1.5 billion parameters. It could generate coherent paragraphs and even complete stories, but it wasn’t without its limitations.

Then came GPT-3, a behemoth with 175 billion parameters. Its ability to understand context, generate creative content, and even code simple programs was unparalleled.

But the journey didn’t stop there.

Why ChatGPT-4 stands out from its predecessors:

ChatGPT-4 is not merely an advancement; it’s a transformative leap in conversational AI. Earlier iterations, while pioneering, often provided responses that, at times, lacked depth or contextual relevance. ChatGPT-4, on the other hand, dives deep into the intricacies of language, capturing nuances and subtleties with unparalleled precision.

This isn’t just about having more parameters or data; it’s about a sophisticated approach to processing and generating information. Each interaction feels tailored, relevant, and insightful, offering you a richer and more comprehensive conversational experience.

NOTE: ChatGPT4 & these features are only available with the paid version at $20/m – the smartest investment you can make for your business imho. Keep reading to find out why.

The Power of Plug-Ins

Plug-ins are a groundbreaking feature that elevates ChatGPT-4’s capabilities. Plug-ins greatly enhance the power of AI. I mention them here because they can even help you create your custom instructions.

And, get this – Most plug-ins are FREE!

Activating Plugins for CGPT-4

  1. Log into your OpenAI account.
  2. Click your name at the bottom of the menu on the left. Select the  “Settings and Beta” Section (see pic below)
  3. Within “Settings and Beta,” click on the “Beta” option.
  4. Toggle on the. Activate Plugins

Once activated, you can now view, select, and interact with the available plugins during a chat session. Look for the Marketplace to select the plug-ins you want. It’s located at the top of any new chat by clicking on “GPT-4”.

Pro Tip: Not all plug-ins are the same! Check out their reviews, search for “best of” lists and test them out.

Here’s one plug-in you want!

It’s called “Your AI Council.”

This plugin transforms the conversational experience by offering diversified opinions on any given topic. Instead of a singular perspective, you can access a virtual council of advisors, each assessing the query from different angles relevant to the context.

Whether seeking advice on a business strategy, a technological query, or a creative endeavor, “Your AI Council” provides a host of new insights. It’s like having a roundtable of experts, each bringing their expertise to the table, ensuring that you receive a well-rounded, informed, and diversified response. This synergy between ChatGPT-4’s depth and the insights from “Your AI Council” sets a new benchmark in AI-driven consultations.

Two creators to follow for ChatGPT and AI brilliance: Isabella Bedoya and Ruben Hassid

Unleash Your Secret Weapon: Custom Instructions

Let’s get to it! Custom instructions give your prompt responses a new level of sophistication. Navigating the world of ChatGPT-4’s custom instructions might seem daunting, but with the right steps, it’s a breeze. Let’s start with how to activate this feature:

  1. Access the ChatGPT-4 Interface: Begin by logging into the platform where you access ChatGPT. If you don’t have the paid version yet, you will need to upgrade before you can use Custom Instructions.
  2. Go to your account settings in the left-hand column where your account information lives. Right-click on your name
  3. Click Custom Instructions – fill in both sections with your instructions
  4. Enable and Save Custom Instructions: Toggle “enable for new chats’ to green & click “Save”
  5. Test and Refine: After providing your instruction, engage with ChatGPT-4 and observe the responses. It’s essential to test and iterate to fine-tune the outcomes. If the results aren’t as expected, consider refining your instruction for clarity.

Save and Reuse: If you find a set of instructions particularly useful, save it to streamline future interactions.

By following these steps, you’ll unlock a new dimension of interaction with ChatGPT-4, allowing you to tailor the AI’s responses to your specific needs and objectives.

Crafting Effective Custom Instructions:

Harnessing the power of ChatGPT-4’s custom instructions can be transformative, but it’s essential to approach it methodically. Crafting effective instructions is a bit of an art form, and with the right steps, you can ensure that your interactions with the AI are tailored, relevant, and impactful.

  1. Define Your Objective: Before diving in, ask yourself, “What do I aim to achieve with these instructions?”
  2. Start Simple: Begin with a straightforward instruction to gauge the AI’s response. For instance, instead of a complex directive, you might start with “Explain all responses and how they were arrived at” or “Make suggestions to expand upon or dive deeper into the topic”
  3. Be Specific: While simplicity is key, specificity ensures accuracy. If you want responses to consider information about a niche topic, provide that for context.
  4. Use Clear Language: Avoid jargon or overly complex phrasing. Clarity ensures that the AI understands your directive and responds effectively.
  5. Iterate and Refine: Custom instructions thrive on experimentation. If the initial response isn’t perfect, tweak your instruction, refine the phrasing, or provide additional context. It’s a dynamic process.

In essence, crafting effective custom instructions for ChatGPT-4 is an ongoing project.  You want a keen understanding of both the AI’s capabilities and your objectives. When mastered, it unlocks a realm of possibilities with responses that closely align with your business.

In essence, crafting effective custom instructions for ChatGPT-4 is an ongoing project.  You want a keen understanding of both the AI’s capabilities and your objectives. When mastered, it unlocks a realm of possibilities with responses that closely align with your business.

Struggling with what to include? Just ask CGPT4 to consult the Your AI Council plug-in for guidance on crafting your custom instructions

When Crafting Your Custom Instructions, Consider Adding These:

  1. Tone and Voice: Specify the desired tone (e.g., conversational, professional, playful) and any unique voice characteristics you want to be reflected.
  2. Avoid Meta Language: Direct the AI to steer clear of meta language or any jargon that might not resonate with the target audience.
  3. Elaboration and Explanation: If you prefer detailed answers, instruct the AI to elaborate on responses and provide context or examples.
  4. Incorporate Social Proof: Include social proof in the instruction. CGPT4 will know when to use it to enhance credibility.
  5. Provide Contextual Information: Offer background details, such as business ethos, personal achievements, or any relevant history that can help tailor the content.
  6. Call-to-Action (CTA): If applicable, specify the type of CTA you’d like to include, whether it’s encouraging readers to make a purchase, connect on social media, or any other desired action.
  7. Avoidance Criteria: If there are specific topics or phrases you want to avoid, list them clearly.
  8. Personal Touch: Mention any personal anecdotes, experiences, or preferences that can make the content feel more personalized and authentic.
  9. Formatting Preferences: If you have a specific format in mind, such as bullet points, numbered lists, or Q&A style, specify it.
  10. Reference Points: If there are certain benchmarks or standards you want the content to align with, provide them. This could be industry standards, past works, or any other relevant reference.
  11. Feedback Loop: Encourage the AI to ask clarifying questions if a directive is unclear, ensuring the final output is aligned with your vision.

Harness the Power of Custom Instructions for Business Growth

In today’s competitive business landscape, differentiation is the key to success. And what better way to stand out than by offering experiences that are not just personalized but deeply resonant with your target audience? Enter the realm of custom instructions in ChatGPT-4, a game-changer for businesses aiming to scale new heights.

Some examples…

Imagine you’re a startup founder, eager to connect with potential investors. With custom instructions, you can craft pitch decks that are not just informative but tailored to resonate with each investor’s unique interests and concerns. It’s about creating a narrative that strikes a chord, ensuring your vision is not just heard but felt.

E-commerce businesses can leverage custom instructions to offer product descriptions that align with the preferences and values of their target demographics.

It’s not just about listing features; it’s about telling a story that compels the customer to click that ‘buy’ button.

And for service-based industries? Think of customer support interactions that are not just efficient but empathetic, addressing concerns in a manner that fosters trust and loyalty.

Beyond the direct interactions, there’s the potential for market research. You can harness custom instructions to glean insights into industry trends, customer preferences, and competitive landscapes, ensuring they’re always a step ahead in their strategic endeavors.

And let’s not forget content creation. From blog posts and social media updates to newsletters and press releases, custom instructions promise content that’s not just relevant but deeply aligned with your brand’s voice.

The fusion of your business objectives with the power of custom instructions in ChatGPT-4 offers a new pathway to growth that’s inspirational and impactful.

Pro Tip: The more of your own information you feed into CGPT4, the better the output. Don’t ask it to write an article. Instead, ask it to improve on what you have so far. Ask what important areas are missing. Better yet, consult Your AI Council for new insights.

That’s a wrap! I hope you are ready to activate your custom instructions and take advantage of a few plug-ins.

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