The Ultimate 7-Day LinkedIn Content Playbook (with a CRISP™ Prompt)

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I’m serving up a mini-masterclass, delivered right to your feed in bite-sized, easily digestible chunks. Consider this your VIP ticket to the LinkedIn big leagues, all laid out in a 7-day playbook.

Ready to get started?

Pro tip: Save each post so you will have the entire playbook to refer back to (This is Day 3)

Tired of Amateur Hour? Your LinkedIn Strategy Needs a Makeover

Is your following growing but only slowly? Is your engagement stagnant? Time to step it up.

Think of your LinkedIn posts as part of a larger art gallery with many beautiful pieces of art. The colors are stunning, the design impeccable, the message clear and concise. The building itself is inviting.

Most content looks more like a 1st grader’s finger-painting – messy.

In the world of LinkedIn, most content fails for 3 main reasons:

  1. No Strategy: Most people jump into LinkedIn without a coherent plan, treating it like an online billboard for sales pitches or a digital dumping ground for random posts.
  2. Sporadic Updates: Consistency is the backbone of any marketing strategy. Yet, many treat LinkedIn as an afterthought, updating sporadically and expecting miracles.
  3. Zero Narrative: There’s no storyline, no sequence, no thread that ties your posts together. Your content is just another blip on the screen.

Does that sound like an art gallery you want to venture into? No? And probably not a single piece of art you’d invest in. Nobody is attracted to messy.

Here’s where STACKED CONTENT comes into play, acting as your architect, builder, and interior designer all rolled into one. With it, your LinkedIn post isn’t just another meme or blip on the screen. It is the art gallery that keeps people coming back for more.

Laying The Foundation: Why CRISP™ is Non-Negotiable

CRISP™—Your Blueprint for Success

You wouldn’t start your art gallery without a blueprint, would you? Yesterday, I introduced you to CRISP™ – your blueprint for the foundation of your content.

Details HERE icymi

Forget about vanity metrics. Forget about posturing.

Skimp here, and the whole endeavor crumbles. But excel, and you become a leader with raving fans.

How To Get Started with Stacked Content: The Roadmap You Didn’t Know You Needed

Your Personalized Masterclass in Bite-Sized Pieces

So, you’re convinced that your LinkedIn needs a seismic shift and CRISP™ is your foundation. What’s next? Let me share the secret sauce: for your customized stacked content roadmap.

Here’s how to get started:

Determine Your Pillars: Think of these as the main themes or subjects that you’ll continually explore. These are your “go-to” areas where you have expertise or want to establish thought leadership.

Create a Content Calendar: Random acts of posting won’t get you far. Be intentional. Develop a content calendar that aligns with your pillars. (Stay tuned for more on this!)

Mix in Different Formats: Text posts, images, newsletter articles, videos—use a variety to keep your audience engaged. Diversity is the spice of your LinkedIn life.

Execute with CRISP™: Remember that blueprint we talked about? Now is the time to apply it. Each piece of content should adhere to the CRISP™ guidelines for maximum impact.

Monitor and Adapt: This isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it strategy. Pay attention to engagement levels, interaction rates, and adjust your approach as needed.

The magic of stacked content is that it builds upon itself, creating a compelling narrative over time. Each post isn’t just a stand-alone piece; it’s a chapter in your LinkedIn storybook. Ready to become the J.K. Rowling of LinkedIn?

Identify your Content Pillars with CGPT Plus. Use the following prompt to determine the best content pillars for your business:


I am a [TITLE] whose target audience is [TARGET AUDIENCE]. My primary focus is [HOW YOU SERVE]. I offer the following services and products [list your offerings and price points]. I need to identify the best 4 content pillars for marketing and social media posting. We will work up to creating a series of stacked content posts after we have settled on the best pillars for my business. Consult YOUR AI COUNCIL* and share their input.


Once you have started the conversation with CGPT (this works best with CGPT Plus), continue to ask questions and refine until you are satisfied with the pillars for your content.

Then proceed to develop posts, carousels, presentation decks, and newsletters, all based on these pillars. Your brand will begin to emerge with clarity!

Rotation and Variety: The Spice of Your LinkedIn Life

Once you’ve identified your pillars, don’t just stick to one medium. Rotate between videos, carousels, long-form posts with images, and even newsletters.

The trick lies in balancing your content:

  • Social Proof (30%)
  • Value-Add (60%)
  • Promotional Content (10%)

The variety keeps your audience engaged, and the proportions ensure you’re hitting the right notes without becoming overly self-promotional.

Pro Tip: Use active listening as a tool to deliver high-value content. For example, my November Masterclass will focus on creating powerful LinkedIn carousels in less than 30 minutes, a topic sourced directly from my LinkedIn community requests.

By integrating real-time listening into your stacked content strategy, you not only keep the narrative fresh but also ensure that you’re continuously aligned with your audience’s needs and interests. After all, what’s a show without an audience that’s deeply invested in the storyline?

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