Nancy Matthews
Founder, The People Skills Academy / Co-Founder, Women’s Prosperity Network

If you want to bring high value to your organization, then bring Laura Barker to speak at your event. She delivers practical strategies that show people how to get real results in record time. Having Laura speak at my events makes me look good because she brings so much value to my audience.

Jane Parmel
Digital Marketing, Profit & Business Strategies / Cardinal Profit Strategies

Helpful hints

Laura Barker is amazing!! She knows just how to use LinkedIn to have you appear polished, professional and reachable. She is a pleasure to work with and is always ready to hear new things or answer any question. Helpful hints abound when you work with her – I highly recommend Laura!

Mary Jane Charles
Last Wishes Facilitator / MJ Charles & Associates

Easy to follow, clever to remember

If you are new to LinkedIn or if someone has recommended LI to you for your business, that’s great. So you find yourself here and the word “lost” doesn’t cover it. Well, don’t close the window (literally) and don’t fret (also literally), just dial in Laura Barker, J.D. of Barker Business Solutions. She is YOUR GPS for LI. No kidding. Easy to follow, clever to remember. And you haven’t even met Laura yet! Omg! She is your LI “fairy godmother”, easing your worries (after all there are only “good mistakes” – It means you are learning!) To answer your question. I will recommend her up one side and down the other. You will too! I promise.

Dotty Scott

Actually gets results

I created a LinkedIn Newsletter after Laura made me aware of them. After the first edition, I had over 160 subscribers. Some were people I have known for years through Networking, some were past clients, and some were people I did not yet know. A past client reached out to me and wanted to hire me to work on his website. I love when I do something that actually gets results. Laura really knows her LinkedIn stuff. I highly recommend her LinkedIn GPS cohort. It is a membership where you get access to her knowledge when you need it. LinkedIn is a treasure trove of potential clients, are you getting your share? If not, see Laura.

Diane M.

I earned my Top Business Coaching Voice badge on LinkedIn!!!

“Thank you!! I actually thought they had done away with [endorsements] until your LinkedIn Masterclass! You are amazing and I recommend you regularly!”

Carol Pilkington
WU Self Development Expert Leader

Keeps up on all trends

Laura is such an expert on #LinkedIn and how to make connections. She teaches a proven system that works. Most of all Laura keeps up on all the trends and changes and lets you know what is best for you for where you are in your business. If you haven’t worked with Laura and you want to use LinkedIn for connecting with potential clients or collaborating with other business owners, her system works, contact her today!

Christell Biiga

So Much Value!

Thank you for supporting me and business the way you do. You show so much care to the members of the cohort and give so much value that sometimes I wonder if we are paying enough for that.

Sandy Abbate
Bookkeeper / SCA Bookkeeping

Best Investment!

I love how you are always sharing how we can grow. Those that follow Laura on LinkedIn but have never signed up for her trainings you are truly missing out. One of the perks with her GPS Cohort, not only does she share these tips with us, but she helps to make sure we can use them. She keeps us informed on all the LinkedIn updates. It is the best investment you can make for your business.

Sandy Abbate
Bookkeeper / SCA Bookkeeping

Consistently get new clients

I’ve been working with Laura Barker as a member of her LinkedIn GPS Cohort. What I love about it, and why I will always be a member, is that I know I will always get the support and specific guidance to continually improve my LinkedIn presence. Her systems work to show you how to consistently get new clients and bring value to your community through the LinkedIn platform. If you are looking for ongoing LinkedIn development, I highly recommend reaching out to Laura.

Jane Lehman
Trusted Advisor for SMBs

She cracked the code!

“I have been working hard to build my LinkedIn presence and even though before working with Laura I was getting 20,000 views per post, I wasn’t getting much engagement or sales. After just one session with Laura and implementing her unique approach, I am now getting consistent engagement, meetings and am seeing sales coming in. I am thrilled that Laura showed me how to “Crack the Code” on LinkedIn.”

Toppie-Tamara Lloyd
Financial Consultant / Revolution Financial Management

Wealth of Knowledge!

“I took Laura’s LinkedIn Masterclass and was amazed by the wealth of knowledge I received! I was using LinkedIn for a while, however, I wasn’t seeing any movement with the activities I was doing. During Laura’s Masterclass, I realized that I wasn’t using LinkedIn properly and that was the reason for me not seeing any results. While going through the Masterclass and using all the tools and strategies she gave I was able to add more connections and set up meetings with individuals. I recommend taking Laura’s Masterclass if you want to become better at using LinkedIn and using this platform effectively!”

Barbara Johnson

10 Appointments Per Week!

“I have taken Laura’s Master Class and advanced training and since implementing her system, I am consistently booking 10 appointments per week from LinkedIn. In addition to her simple but effective LinkedIn training, Laura has a breadth of knowledge that spreads many industries when it comes to business growth strategies. If you want help with LinkedIn or just “out of the box” business strategies that work, I highly recommend you work with Laura.”

Dotty Scott

More targeted leads

“Laura gave me great insights and useful tips to improve my LinkedIn profile and now I am getting more targeted inquiries. I highly recommend Laura and love working with her.”

Rita (Fillinger) Thomas, KCP

12 New Quality Leads in First Week!

“When I followed Laura’s system – the Barker 20 – I was amazed at my results! In the first week, I made 12 new connections and 4 of those resulted in 1-to-1 meetings! This system is definitely something that anyone can do in 20 minutes a day, and it brings huge impact.”