Helpful hints

Laura Barker is amazing!! She knows just how to use LinkedIn to have you appear polished, professional and reachable. She is a pleasure to work with and is always ready to hear new things or answer any question. Helpful hints abound when you work with her – I highly recommend Laura!

Easy to follow, clever to remember

If you are new to LinkedIn or if someone has recommended LI to you for your business, that’s great. So you find yourself here and the word “lost” doesn’t cover it. Well, don’t close the window (literally) and don’t fret (also literally), just dial in Laura Barker, J.D. of Barker Business Solutions. She is YOUR … Read more

Actually gets results

I created a LinkedIn Newsletter after Laura made me aware of them. After the first edition, I had over 160 subscribers. Some were people I have known for years through Networking, some were past clients, and some were people I did not yet know. A past client reached out to me and wanted to hire … Read more

Consistently get new clients

I’ve been working with Laura Barker as a member of her LinkedIn GPS Cohort. What I love about it, and why I will always be a member, is that I know I will always get the support and specific guidance to continually improve my LinkedIn presence. Her systems work to show you how to consistently … Read more